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Nutritional elements of bird nest

Here are the nutritional composition of bird nest: (Please note that content provided is only for reference as the content may vary on the types of swiftlet and different harvesting sites)

- Protein (50-60%) but low lipit (~0%)

- Acid amins:
+ Glycine (1.99%): good for the skin
+ Valine (4.12%): healing muscle cells and forming new cells
+ Leucine (4.56%): balance the sugar levels in blood
+ Isoeucine (2.04%): rehabilitation.
+ Threonine (2.69%): enhance the liver activity; strengthen the immune system and improving nutrients absorption.
+ Methionine (0.46%) against arthritis and good for muscles.
+Proline (5.27%) and acid aspartic (4.69%) growth and heal tissue, muscle, and skin cells.
+Phenylalanine (4.50%) nourishing the brain and improving memory.
+Histidine (2.09%) developing mussel and tissue.
+Lysine (1.75%) improving the absorption. of calcicum and preventing anti-aging.
+Tyrosine (3.58%) enhance the body recovery when contaminated or damaged red blood cells.
+Cystein (0.49%) enhancing memory and nerve impulses, increasing the absorption of vitamin D from sunlight.
+ Trytophan (0.7%) preventing cancers.

- Other Acid Amin: alanin (1.4%), serine (1.87%), acid glutamic (3.6%).

- Carbohydrates (20-30%):
+Fucose (0.7%) and galactose (16.9%) supporting brain development.
+N-acetylglucosamine (5.3%) restoring cartilage in osteoarthritis cases.
+N-acetylgalactosamine (7.3%) relating to the function of synapses, the link between neurons, lacking of this element causes serious impact to memory.
+N-acetylneuraminic acid (acid sialic) (8.6%) enhancing immunity, preventing bacteria and viruses.

- Other minerals:
+Fe (27.9%) calcium
+Cu (5.87%), Zn (1.88%), brom, mangan: enhancing the nervous system and memory.
+Crom: stimulating the digestion.
+Selen:  preventing anti-aging and radioactivity.

Source: some references and web http://vi.wikipedia.org