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Swiftlet farming in Vietnam – new direction

At the seminar, there are more than 100 companies and investors to learn about the project. Investors can choose to become strategic partners or to buy individual bird house. Bird nest can be harvested from the second year.
To Mr. Lam Truc Nho, Chairman of Hung Thuan Group, swiftlet farming has long existed in Vietnam and Southeast Asia countries. Currently, swiftlet farming has become a fast growing industry in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines. In Vietnam particular, the swiftlet farming industry has just begun to expand. The weather condition is favorable for swiftlet from the middle to the south of Vietnam. However, swiftlet farming has been developed in a small-scale and not proportionate to the nation resources.
He also claimed the high-tech swiftlet farming is not only bringing the great economic result from harvesting bird nest but also contributing to protect the ecological environment.
The bird nest production of Southeast Asia countries is 210 tons/year (about 6 billion USD) which
+ Indonesia and Thailand account for 80%
+ Malaysia: 10%
+ Vietnam: 1%