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Swiftlet farming and ecotourism

Mr. Albert Yap, General Director of Vina Yen, assured that high-tech swiftlet farming is a closed process including hatching, breeding swiftlet and developing the bird nest products. To achieve the successful process, experts have to study the ecological condition, swiftlet flying path, bird house model and located far away from the residential area.

Vina Yen and Hung Thuan Group are implementing two High-Tech Swiftlet Farming projects in Thu Thua district and Can Giuoc district, Long An province. The Thu Thua district swiftlet farming project is highly recommended by experts due to the enormous surrounded reserved forest. The reserved forest is an unlimited food supplier for swiftlets.
Dr. Kamarudin, Director of Veterinary Department of Johor, Malaysia – an expert with many year experiences in swiftlet study – said “Swiftlet is a sensitive and precious bird. It is our responsibility to take care and develop them so they can exist along with human and to bring high economic value”


Interview Mr. Nguyen Van Tinh, Head of Planning and Investment Department – Board of Management Economic Zone, Long An Province.

What are the different between high-tech swiftlet farming and the traditional swiftlet farming?

Previously, we only farmed and harvested bird nest and forgot to build the favorable environment for swiftlet to live along with us. Through the preliminary study, there are swiftlet species around the Dong Thap Muoi and Viet Phat Industrial Park area. This shows that the environment in these areas is very favorable for swiftlet. However, swiftlet farming in the areas is in small-scale and scattered. The high-tech swiftlet farming project of Hung Thuan Group and Vina Yen is certainly an affective investment model for Long An province.

What do you think about the swiftlet farming and ecotourism in Long An?

I highly appreciate the high-tech farming swiftlet provided by experts from Malaysia from hatching, breeding, raising insect for swiftlet, harvesting to product developing. Especially, the new model of combining swiftlet farming and ecotourism is an attractive property project to investors. Closed swiftlet farming process (hatching, breeding, caring and developing swiftlet herd) will help to increase the swiftlet herd. Combine high-tech swiftlet farming and traditional method will facilitate the sustainable development of the swiftlet farming industry. We, thence, can exploit the potential benefits from bird nest. There are lots of fake bird nest in the market and the consumers may not be able to distinguish the products especially the bird nest mixed with chemicals. Therefore, the market needs a prestigious brand that produced bird nest with technology, no chemicals products and so on.

Thank you.


At the seminar: Dr. Alfred Chong (Swiftlet Domestication Expert), Dr. Kamarudin (Director of Veterinary Department of Johor), Mr. Hang Ka Poh (Bird Nest Product Development Expert)

Guest: Vice Consul General of US Consulate in HCMC., Mr. Nguyen Van Dang (former Commissioner of Communist Party), Mr. Le Minh Duc (Department of Agriculture - Rural Development in Long An province), Mr. Nguyen Hoang Chau (President of Real Estate Association of HCMC), Leaders of Long An province and HCMC, representatives of Long An Economic zone, Bankers including Vietinbank, Vietcombank., Mr. Lam Truc Nho (Chairman of Hung Thuan Group), Mr. Albert Yap (Director of Vina Yen)...