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The seminar "The high-tech Swiftlet Farming"

On the 5th of October 2012, seminar of high-tech swiftlet farming is organized for the first time in HCMC. The high-tech swiftlet farming model has gained great success in many countries, excellent quality of the harvested bird nest, rich in nutrition while protecting the ecological environment.  The seminar is organized by Hung Thuan Group, Vina Yen Eco Park Investment JSC, and experts from Malaysia and Singapore.

The seminar "The high-tech Swiftlet Farming" will present the domestication and breeding swiftlet, product development from bird nest, key factors in high-tech swiftlet farming, the prospects and economic benefits of the high-tech swiftlet farming. Experienced experts from Malaysia and Singapore will consult and handover this technology to Vina Yen Investment Eco Park JSC (Vina Yen). In the seminar, Vina Yen will introduce the new project of High-tech Swiftlet Farming in Tan Lap Commune, Thu Thua District, Long An Province.

There are more than 200 participants from representatives of departments in Long An Province, representatives of Hung Thuan Group and Vina Yen, Dr. Alfred Chong – The Swiftlet Expert, Dr. Kamaruddin – Director of Johor Veterinary Department and Mr. Hang Ka Poh – The expert in bird nest development products.

Experts claimed that “Due to the favorable climatic conditions in Vietnam for swiftlet, the Vietnamese bird nest has a better quality than Indonesian and Malaysian bird nest. But to ensure the successful results, the high-tech swiftlet farming is the right method to develop this emerging industry.  Swfitlet live exclusively in Southeast Asia and this is a high economic value bird. Therefore, countries in the region are taking this advantage to promote the swiftlet farming. Swiftlet farming does not require big land and workable on the poor soil area.

In recent years, swiftlet farming has been developed over Vietnam. Despite the swiftlet farming technique is simple but it requires a thorough study, wise investment and right technique to reach high successful rate.
At the seminar, a memorandum of cooperation is signed between the Johor Veterinary Department of Malaysia and Vina Yen Investment Eco Park JSC. The seminar takes place at the Equatorial Hotel.

Thanh Hai Reporter