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The promising future

With an improving economy comes better lifestyles and in turn leads to an increased demand for the health and nutritional supplements. The current demand for edible bird’s nest from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and United States is rising. Moreover, as more bird’s nest products surface in the market namely beauty and skincare products, supplements, traditional Chinese medicine as well as health products. The future of the bird’s nest industry looks more than promising with a surge of interest in its related products.

Vietnam is one of the upcoming major producers of the edible bird’s nest with swiftlet ranching flourishing and the number of bird’s houses increasing. With the price of the edible bird’s nests continuing to rise, the export prospects are great.

If Vietnam seizes this opportunity and efficiency to develop this industry, edible bird’s nest will surely bring huge foreign exchange into the country. As there is room for further expansion, government needs to develop this industry in a systematic manner.