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Why invest in vina yen swiftlet eco park?

1. Professional with vast knowledge in swiftlet ranching and adopt a systematic approach to develop swiftlet ranches to achieve optimum result.

2. Legalized and approved by local government.

3. Low risk and high return.

4. Return on investment is exponential.

5. Ideal investment for retirement, savings, children’s education as well as preservation of capital. A wise investment will help to raise one’s standard of living.

6. Only limited countries or areas that can produce edible bird’s nest, the opportunity to sell a globally consumed product that can only be found in our part of the world – South East Asia.

7. The first swiftlet ranching developer in Vietnam utilizing new technology to breed and retain swiftlet to obtain fastest return on investment for investor.

8. If you have no extra time to get involved in swiftlet farming, no clue of how to build the house, has limited knowledge to increase the quality and quantity of bird nests, and without any contacts to get local authority’s approval, selection of location, security issues, know how of processing, trading, exporting, and etc. Vina Yen Eco Park is your solution for smart investment.