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New advance technology: domestication and semi-domestication method:

Vina Yen has the knowledge to stimulate or to excite and to retain the swiftlets to stay from generations to come. This method is particularly effective in places with lesser swiftlets ranches and swiftlets. The return rate of swiftlets return in certain area could reach 95%. Our specialized knowledge in insects breeding, manufacture of special food for swiftlet, swiftlet vocalization technique and others conducive environmental factors within the ranch, we are able to retain them as they are accustom to such environment since they were hatched from eggs. Most of these swiftlets are able to search for food easily within the vicinity of the ranch. Thus, the end product-the Edible Bird’s Nest are generally bigger, heavier and cleaner than other ranches. Investors will find it much more practical, economical and time saving to domesticate swiftlet rather than to wait and attract wild swiftlets. Making  an investment in our project is a wise decision for financial stability and excellent hedge against inflation as the return on investment is “exponential”.